Don't want to hire a marketing professional full time?

I have your solution. Take advantage of the opportunity to outsource a variety of projects with Dixon Multimedia. Working with an independent freelance creative consultant, you can hire for a variety of projects with little employee responsibility.

My story

In 2009, Dixon Multimedia began producing professional websites and promoting business. Structuring or enhancing business presentations both print and digital, Dixon Multimedia would print fliers, business cards and edit commercials. In addition, Dixon offered services to the entertainment field such as: short films and documentaries. As a one man band, Dixon would develop his own business making new cold calls while networking with current clientele to find new projects. Projects even occasionally involved knocking doors or selling products on a direct sales commission.

Dixon Today

Today, Dixon manages digital advertising such as websites, google analytics, listings, Facebook and Adwords all contributing to SEO. Dixon also develops new content for old business.