Selling and Promoting

Welcome to my  portfolio website and thank you. My name is Troy Dixon from Sand Springs, Oklahoma. I graduated from Charles Page High School and am an alumnus of the University of Tulsa. My Bachelors emphasizes communication with a minor in marketing.

My Story

In 2009, Dixon Multimedia began producing professional websites and promoting business by advertising online and with traditional advertising media. Dixon structured and enhanced business presentations both in print and digital. By offering services to the entertainment field such as short films and documentaries, Dixon's market mix provided opportunity to stay in business with varying projects. As a one man band, Dixon would develop his own business, making new cold calls while networking with current clientele to find projects. Dixon doesn't look for everyone in the world for business, he's looking for the right specific clients. Dixon on occasion would  knock doors or sell products on a direct sales commission with part time jobs. Today, Dixon manages digital advertising such as websites, google analytics, listings, Facebook and Adwords all contributing to SEO. Dixon also develops new content for old business.


Word Selling

Engaging content that sells on the spot, exactly what you want. It's engaging, well written and personalized. More than a website, it's marketing literature you can own.

Work Service

By contract, I work directly for you with little distance. I am timely, more affordable and tax deductible. The site is busy updating with content. Like an employee working for you simply and often as needed, taking pride in their work. Read More.

Website SEO

Improving network SEO by adding more content and with both good and clean word association. The site is constantly updating and improving its structure and status with relevant backlinks. Read More.