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Dixon Multimedia began building professional websites, stories, and ideas to video structuring or enhancing business presentations both print and digital. Dixon Multimedia edited commercials, short films and documentaries. Dixon helped manage digital advertising, office supplies, marketing publications, photo editing, audio editing and recording. Tied with the web, Dixon would work sending emails, marketing and programming of mass information and effects in display coding and internet media accounts. Dixon captured with his own equipment and camera, purchased software, licenses and computer to build commercial selling videos. An accelerated learning professional as graphic technology updated and changed. Dixon even worked with Tulsa music professionals Oklahoma’s known, Jim Halsey and Roy Clark for web graphics and marketing. Dixon has a portfolio of experiences available online today. Dixon has his inspiration for performance from his brother’s career, a commercial talent, actor and winner of an episode of ABCs Wipeout. appears on NCSI, with several Los Angeles performances, including Burger King commercials and short film festivals. Dixon continued to volunteer in the community with theater, Church, grandparents, friends and family with new web based projects and events. Dixon consistently interviewed with potential employers along the way with new projects, maintaining old projects and accounts. Dixon contributes to the Sand Springs Journal.